Monday, April 30, 2007

x41 usb cdrom recovery

In order to restore your thinkpad to the factory restore, you need the CDs

It is possible to boot it via usb-ide and cdrom. But additional dos usb cdrom driver need to be loaded. This is done through devload which load *.sys driver dynamically.

In short:
copy all your files from A: to RamDrive
devload usbaspi.sys
devload usbcd.sys /d:usbcd001
mscdex /d:usbcd001 /l:e

That's all, your usb cdrom is not accessible with your thinkpad

Then, set the neccessary PATH and execute recover.bat from the cdrom drive.

set PATH=d:\recovery\;c:
[assuming c & d drives are cdrom and ramdrive resp.]

End of story